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How to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

Wedding Weight Loss

If you’re on social media, you may have seen hashtags like #SheddingForTheWedding or #SweatingForTheWedding. These hashtags are typically used by brides and grooms who are looking to drop some weight before the big day. If you’re getting married, you may even want to do the same. But, how can you shed for the wedding?

We all know that it is far too easy to gain weight. Losing it can be much more challenging. Too many diet plans require you to drastically slash calories, drink gross shakes, or work out for hours a day. These diets may work in the short-term, but often result in gaining back every pound that you lost – and then some.

Ideal You Weight Loss offers a different approach and we have specials available for weddings. We help you improve your metabolism so that you are burning fat instead of storing it – allowing you to lose a life-changing amount of weight quickly. Interested in losing weight before your wedding? Keep reading for some tips on how to look your best on your wedding day.

Eat Real Food

One of the ways that many of us pack on pounds is by eating too many processed foods. Whether your weakness is chips, ice cream, cookies, or fast food, keeping these items in your diet can sabotage your weight loss efforts. While they may be delicious, they are typically filled with fat and sugar – and are incredibly high in calories.

Instead of binging on unhealthy processed food, try switching up your diet. If you’re craving chicken strips and fries, consider making them yourselves – with lean chicken breast and zucchini. You’ll get all of the flavor without the calories.

There are lots of ways to enjoy real food while trying to lose weight. In the mood for sweets? Try some cinnamon peanut butter cloud cookies. Craving wings? Make yourself some buffalo bison bites. By focusing on unprocessed foods, you can cut calories, sugar and fat – and lose weight at the same time.

Unsure of how to change your diet? Try these ideas:

  • Look for sources of empty calories in your diet, like sugary drinks and high fat snacks, and limit (or eliminate) them
  • Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Not only are they highly nutritious, but they can help you stay full on fewer calories.
  • Look for leaner, lower fat protein and dairy sources.
  • Avoid drinking your calories. It can be easy to drink too much alcohol, particularly before a wedding, when there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate. Alcohol has a lot of calories, though – and drinking too much can sabotage your weight loss goals. 

By taking these steps, you may find yourself getting closer to your goal weight as your wedding approaches.

Watch Portion Size

Eating real food is a good start to any weight loss plan. However, if you’re eating too much of anything – even if it’s a healthy food – you probably won’t lose weight. That is why it is important to make sure that you’re eating an appropriate amount.

At the same time, you want to make sure that you are eating enough to meet your body’s basic needs. One of the reasons why diets don’t work for weight loss is that a drastic drop in calories causes your metabolism to slow down…which can lead to a weight loss plateau. 

You can use an online calorie calculator to determine how many calories you need to eat per day in order to maintain your weight. The calculator should take into consideration your gender, age, height, weight, and activity level. For example, an average moderately active woman between the ages of 26 and 50 needs to eat about 2,000 calories each day to maintain her weight. To lose weight, she will need to cut 3,500 calories per week – which works out to eating 1,500 calories each day.

It may be tempting to cut more than 500 calories per day out of your diet. You might lose weight doing this – but your weight loss won’t be sustainable. Instead, a better idea is to work with a program (like Ideal You!) that helps you change your metabolism so that your body will use fat as fuel instead of storing it.

Exercise – If You Want

Working out can be great for your overall health. It may help you reduce your blood pressure, relieve stress, and improve your aerobic capacity. However, it won’t necessarily help you lose weight.

Exercise alone often doesn’t work for weight loss for a variety of reasons. First, you can’t exercise away a bad diet. If you’re eating too much – and too much of the wrong thing – you will still gain weight. 

Second, you may be doing the wrong type of exercise. Cardiovascular exercise, like running, is great for your health – but it can slow down your metabolism if your body loses muscle mass. Strength training is a good way to build muscle mass and ensure that your metabolism stays revved up.

Third, you may actually be sabotaging your weight loss efforts by working out too much. This might occur because you aren’t giving your body a chance to rest, or because your body has adapted to this level of exercise and slowed down your metabolism to compensate.

There are lots of good reasons to exercise. However, while working out may help you lose weight, it isn’t the best way to achieve your weight loss goals.

A Better Way to Lose Weight for Your Wedding

Losing weight can be incredibly hard, and is often a major time commitment. Eating real food, tracking calories, and exercising can help you to shed excess pounds – but it may not be enough. 

Our bodies are complicated, and a whole host of factors contribute to weight gain and loss. To lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way, you will need to improve your metabolism. Ideal You helps you do just that. 

Our program allows you to eat real food that you buy from the grocery store. You won’t ever have to buy prepackaged frozen meals or drink 2 shakes a day. Instead, you can buy, cook, and eat the things that you like that fall into your structured food list.

At the same time, you’ll take all-natural supplements and work with a team of weight loss coaches to help address the imbalances that can cause our bodies hold onto weight (like the wrong food, dehydration, and too little sleep). Ideal You helps you lose weight safely, and keep the weight off over time. You’ll be able to finally overcome the things that are hold you back from losing weight. 

Ideal You Weight Loss helps your body learn how to burn fat instead of sugar or carbohydrates so that weight loss happens much more quickly. You won’t feel deprived on our program, and you don’t ever have to set foot in a gym if you don’t want to do it.

#SheddingForTheWedding with Ideal You

On your wedding day, you want to look and feel your best. Fad diets may help you drop pounds quickly – but that weight loss is rarely sustainable. With Ideal You, you can lose up to 40 pounds in just 40 days or up to 20 pounds in 20 days…just in time for your big day. Ideal You is currently offering a wedding weight loss special. You can learn more about our special offer on our wedding weight loss page.

Ideal You offers a health, sustainable approach to weight loss to help you get to where you want to be. We won’t ever ask you to buy shakes, bars, or frozen meals – just real food, coaching, supplements, and support. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation with Ideal You Weight Loss, reach out to us today at 844-904-6973 or book your free consult online.


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