Ideal You Wedding Weight Loss!

A Special Offer For Brides, Grooms, & Their Wedding Parties

Weddings are a time of celebration and joy. Ideal You wants to help you enjoy the special occasion with renewed confidence and energy. We’re currently offering special pricing¬†if you’re in an upcoming wedding this year. The deal is available to brides, grooms, their family members, and member of the wedding party.

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More About The Ideal You Program

Ideal You isn’t just a fad diet or an intense exercise program. In fact, Ideal You requires no exercise at all, because studies show that exercise is not the most effective way to lose weight. Instead, Ideal You focuses on helping you reset your metabolism by balancing your body. Ideal You offers a complete lifestyle change through healthy, whole foods, daily coaching, and all-natural supplements. Our weight loss coaches will work side-by-side with you to help you transform your life and your body, so that you can lose a lifechanging amount of weight and keep it all off.

What Makes Ideal You Different From Other Weight Loss Programs?

Ideal You is unlike any other weight loss program in the country. Ideal You is an effective weight loss program, because it’s designed to attack the root causes of weight gain rather than offering a band-aid or temporary quick fix. You won’t be able to effectively lose weight until your body is properly balanced. Ideal You also doesn’t rely on nasty powdered shakes or pre-packaged meals. You’ll be buying all of your own real, healthy groceries. That’s precisely why we’re offering $100 in free groceries when you sign up!

Who Is The Program For?

The Ideal You program is designed for both men and women of any age or background interested in losing weight. In fact, you can view our success stories to see that men and women of all different ages and starting weights have had great success on the program. We know that weight loss programs are even more effective with social support. Our team will be here to provide support all the way through the program, but brides and grooms, couples, or friends that sign up together often lose more weight than those who go through the program alone.

How Soon Before A Wedding Do I Need To Sign Up For The Weight Loss Program?

You could lose up to 40lbs in just 40 days on the Ideal You program. Ideally, the sooner you start the program the better to give you extra time before your wedding to discover a new you. However, if your wedding is over 40 days out, you’ll be able to complete the program before the wedding. If your wedding is less than 40 days away, you can still sign up for the Ideal You program. You could lose up to 20lbs in 20 days halfway through the program. So, even if you’re still on the program for the day of the wedding, you could still look and feel better than ever before.

Ready To Look Your Best For An Upcoming Wedding?

We want to help you feel beautiful or handsome both inside and out while you’re taking wedding pictures, standing on the altar, or busting a move on the dance floor. If you’re interested in starting the Ideal You program or you have questions about the program, you can call us at (888) 433-2596 , fill out the contact form, or schedule a consultation online. Mention promo code WEDDING on the call or at your consultation to receive the wedding discount.

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