Grocery Shopping For Weight Loss | How To Pick The Right Foods For Weight Loss

Dr. Geri Williams talks about how to shop in the grocery store for foods that will truly help improve your health in this health tips video from Ideal You Weight Loss.

Have you ever noticed most of the foods that can go bad are located around the perimeter of the grocery store and all of the food that could sit for decades without spoiling is in the center aisles. That’s because the food that can go rotten or spoil needs to be kept cool, wet, or frozen and that requires electricity. Most of the electrical outlets are around the perimeter of the store.

This might sound strange, but you should be buying and eating food that can spoil. Most of the time, foods that need to be kept cool or frozen are full of nutrients and enzymes that build a healthy body. This is where you find whole foods (foods that have been processed or refined as little as possible and are free from additives or other artificial substances).

What’s in the middle aisles? There are some exceptions, but most of the time, this is where you find foods that are often filled with a huge list of ingredients – many of which don’t even sound like food. Most of them are full of chemicals designed to give those products a massive shelf life or are fancy names for sugar and salt.

If you want to lose weight and get healthier, remember to shop around the perimeter of the store – that’s where the fresh food lives.


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