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Mike Aguilar Channel 955 Weight Loss

We all know how hard losing weight can be. Whether you have struggled with your weight for years, or more recently put on some pounds, getting to your goal weight can be a major challenge. 

For Mike Aguilar of the Mojo in the Morning show, it was hard to lose the weight that he had gained over years of early mornings and too little sleep while co-hosting the popular radio show. Mike’s co-worker, Thomas Carballo (also known as Mojo) had tried the Ideal You program before Mike with great success. Inspired by Mojo’s own weight loss of over 80 pounds, Mike decided to try Ideal You. A little over 30 days later, he was down 40 lbs – and had a whole new outlook on life.

With Ideal You, you won’t ever have to buy prepacked, fake food. Instead, you’ll shop at your favorite grocery store and eat real food. Our goal is to help you lose a life changing amount of weight, quickly and sustainably, by changing your metabolism from fat-storing to fat-storing. 

Read on to learn how Mike achieved his goal – and how you can become an Ideal You success story yourself!

Mike’s Story: A Busy Life Makes It Easy to Gain Weight

Mike Aguilar iheart Radio

You probably are familiar with Mike Aguilar from his work as a radio host on Mojo in the Morning, one of the most popular and long-running radio shows in the country. But being an on-air talent from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. isn’t all Mike does during his hectic days.  He also assists in writing show ideas, drafting social media posts for 1045 SNX, and even producing the imaging for 1045 SNX’s Mojo in the Morning marketing.

As an iHeart Radio employee, Mike’s day doesn’t stop when he finishes up the show. He also is on-air in the afternoons on BIG 1013. On top of that, he works as the assistant program director for 1045 SNX, the music director for the station, and a digital and social media content producer. Mike also creates daily mix shows, weekend mix shows, and DJs live events like Irish on Ionia, Halloween on Ionia, and Party in the Park.

Mike’s voice can be heard throughout the region, whether on 1045 SNX in West Michigan, Channel 955 in Detroit, or 92.5 KISS FM in Toledo. He probably makes it sound easy, but the reality is that juggling a hectic job while raising two young kids can be incredibly difficult. It is little surprise, then, that he saw his weight creeping upwards over the years.

When Mike saw a picture of himself shirtless at the beach, he knew that something had to give. His co-host, Mojo, had recently lost a major amount of weight through Ideal You. He decided to give it a shot for himself.

Mike quickly saw results. In just over 30 days, he had lost more than 40 pounds. He reports that the weight loss gave him more energy to handle work, home life, and everything else that comes with being a popular radio host.

He didn’t do it alone. His wife Ali also wanted to lose weight after giving birth to their two kids. She joined the program for Mike’s second round, and quickly saw results. You can see their amazing before-and-after shots below.

mike and ali aguilar weight loss

Mike and Ali had tried different weight loss gimmicks before – lots of fake foods, supplements, and fad diets. They tossed all of those products out when starting Ideal You. They simply didn’t need any of that to reach their goal weights. 

Instead, they shopped at their favorite grocery store and ate real food – like chicken, shrimp, and steak, plus plenty of veggies. Mike and Ali got support from a team of weight loss coaches who checked in with them each morning via text, and helped guide them towards the best possible choices for their bodies. Using all-natural supplements and a structured food list, Mike and Ali were finally able to succeed on a weight loss program. Mike actually lost so much weight that he had to get his ring resized!

Of course, Mike wasn’t the only Mojo in the Morning team member who lost weight with Ideal You. In addition to Mojo, a number of employees have gone through the Ideal You program. Through Ideal You, these employees were able to jump start their weight loss efforts – and have continued to see major improvements in their health and wellness!

Why Ideal You Is Different

As too many of us have learned firsthand, diets simply do not work. Sure, you may lose weight at first – but our bodies are complex. As you drop pounds, your body adjusts to your new size, and you experience a plateau. To truly lose weight – and keep it off – you will need a more holistic approach.

At Ideal You, we recognize that there are many factors that play into weight loss – like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and even eating the right kinds of fats. With our program, you aren’t just cutting calories – you are changing your metabolism.

Our metabolisms are key when it comes to weight loss. Many of us are unlucky enough to have what might be considered a “slow” metabolism, which basically means that our bodies store fat instead of burning it. If you have this type of metabolism, you may find it impossible to lose weight without the help of a professional.

Our program works to change your metabolism from fat storing to fat burning. We do this through the combination of a healthy diet featuring real foods and all-natural food-based supplements.

During the 40 days on our program, you won’t be hungry. Most people find that their bodies are burning between 2,000 and 5,000 calories a day of their own fat, so their bodies feel satiated before they have even taken a single bite to eat. You won’t be losing water weight with Ideal You –  but unwanted pounds of fat.

With our program, you will get:

  • Regular weigh-ins and meetings with a weight loss coach
  • A structured food list
  • A weight loss journal
  • All natural supplements
  • Support from our team of weight loss coaches

Best of all, you will lose a life-changing amount of weight – quickly and sustainably.

The Channel 955 Mojo in the Morning team knows that the Ideal You program works – and they have the before-and-after pictures to prove it. Will you join the movement and reach your ideal weight?

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with Ideal You

Whether you’re a busy radio host like Mike Aguilar or an avid radio listener, losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. With the help of the weight loss professionals at Ideal You, you can join the Mojo in the Morning crew in shedding unwanted pounds quickly and sustainably.

Ideal You Weight Loss is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life lose weight. We know that losing weight on your own can be difficult for most people. Our program is designed to help anyone get to their goal weight through a combination of real food, all natural supplements, and coaching from our experts.

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 888-488-7258 or schedule a free consultation at our Grand Rapids, Livonia, Lansing, Ann Arbor, or Sterling Heights locations.



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