Breakfast Quesadilla Recipe

breakfast quesadilla
breakfast quesadilla

Breakfast Quesadilla Recipe

Course Breakfast
Cuisine Mexican


  • Cooking spray
  • Medium size non-stick pan


  • 1/2 Cup Spinach
  • 3/4 Cup Liquid egg whites
  • 1 Oz Cheddar shredded or sliced
  • 1 Siete tortilla
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • Sprinkle Garlic salt
  • Sprinkle Onion powder
  • Sprinkle Black pepper


  • Place a medium size non-stick pan over medium-high heat. Spray the pan with cooking spray (I prefer avocado oil) and add ½ cup fresh spinach to the pan.
  • Sauté the spinach until it is wilted.
  • Once the spinach is wilted, then pour the liquid egg whites over the spinach, sprinkle with onion powder, garlic salt, and black pepper. DO NOT STIR EGGS.  I found it easier to make the eggs, omelet style.
  • Once they are almost set, fold one side over the other and continue cooking until they are fully set.  You can flip them if one side starts to brown too much before they are done the cooking.  If you break them, it’s okay, just try to keep them in as big of pieces as possible, this makes them easier to eat in the quesadilla.
  • While the eggs are cooking prepare the tortilla. Line tortilla with shredded or sliced cheese.
  • When the eggs are fully set, transfer to the tortilla and fold the tortilla in half to cover the eggs. Spray the pan again and place the quesadilla on the pan until both sides are browned and cheese is melted. You will need to flip it to brown both sides!
  • Once both sides have reached your desired crispiness and meltiness level it’s ready! Be careful it will be hot, I like to serve mine with guac and salsa to cool it down (temperature wise) and because, guac and salsa, duh.