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Ideal You offers one of the best weight loss affiliate programs online. You could earn up to $200 per referral. There’s no limit on how many referrals you can provide. Your earnings potential is unlimited!

About Ideal You

Ideal You is a revolutionary weight loss program that is unlike any other weight loss program available in the United States. Our program is designed to address the root causes of weight gain instead of just providing a band-aid fix. Your body and your metabolism can’t function properly when they are out of balance. Our program helps individuals re-balance their body through healthy food, all-natural supplements, a proven sleep schedule, and more. Ideal You is the last weight loss program anyone will ever need, because we teach people how to burn fat and keep the fat off.

The Ideal You program is a natural way to lose weight. There are no pre-packaged meals, shots, or powdery shakes. Program participants buy their own ingredients from the grocery store using our structured food list.┬áProgram participants can lose up to 40 lbs in 40 days and we have a 20 lb guarantee. If someone has 20 lbs to lose, we’ll extend the program at no cost until they’ve lost all 20 lbs.

How The Affiliate Program Works

You’ll start by registering to be an affiliate with Ideal You through our member portal by clicking the join button below. Once you join you’ll receive your own personal share link. The share link takes users to our landing page for scheduling a free weight loss consultation.

Our weight loss consultations allow our weight experts the opportunity to provide over $100 worth of information for free. When someone schedules a free consultation, we’ll help them learn more about losing weight, their own body, and how the Ideal You program works. Individuals interested in losing weight can sign up for the Ideal You program after a free consultation if we think Ideal You is the right fit for them.

You’ll earn $25 for every referral you send that attends a free weight loss consultation with Ideal You. You’ll also earn an additional $175 if the referral you send buys a round of the Ideal You program. Your referrals will receive 10-25% off the program when they schedule a consultation from your link. Interested in making more money this month? Click the button below to join our affiliate program.

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