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I am thoroughly enjoying being a customer of Ideal You! They have every tool available for your success. The knowledge and support I received was both encouraging and amazing and I’m pleased to say I met my goal.

Nancy S.


Dr. Gerry is fantastic. Her support is constant and genuine. The program is PERFECT for busy people. Their use of texting as a way of checking in daily is the ideal way to do this. I’ve been on many weight loss and clean eating programs. This by far is the best- and in large part, it is because of Dr. Gerry.

Rhonda L.


I heard about Ideal You on Mojo in the Morning for a while. He struggled, I struggle. He tried everything, sometimes more than once, I did as well. I am so glad I called. I am feeling great, lost weight and the support you get from the Doctor and staff is exceptional.

Linda M.


This program is amazing! The support given by the doctors and staff make it easy to follow. Not only do you lose weight, you feel healthier and have more energy. If you have lost hope in losing weight and getting healthy, I highly recommend making this a life choice. IT’S EASY AND IT WORKS!

Jill P.


This is the best program I have ever done and I’ve done a few. I lost 100 lbs in less than a year and from the first week started feeling so good!! I have done so many things I avoided doing. My life is back in full force. Dr Geri is the best coach you could ask for. She’s always available for you and her staff is as wonderful as she is.

Doreen P


Get ready for your whole life to completely transform! I am 21 and I lost 53 lbs in 60 days on the ideal you weight loss program! This is the easiest diet and you see results as soon as you start! I love my new body. I dropped 4 pants sizes and 6 shirt sizes. I feel absolutely incredible the coaches and staff are absolutely amazing!

Abigail V.


Since joining Ideal You, I could not be happier with the results.  I have never in my life lost this much weight.  More importantly is the fact that the cravings have gone away.  My body is slowly but surely getting in balance.  I have to thank my coach Julie and Dr. Geri for the support.

Victoria D


I just finished up a 40 day round. I’ve lost over 43 pounds total! I’m down two dress sizes and feel better than I have in a long time. Dr. Geri and staff (Amy, Leslie) were extremely helpful and encouraging. I was not hungry and an added benefit is that I didn’t have to work out! Eating out was challenging but not impossible.

Yvonne J.


Ideal You helped my husband and I lose nearly 100 lbs combined in just a few short months! We’ve struggled losing weight with other weightloss programs, but nothing ever worked so quickly and so well. I would recommend Ideal You in a heartbeat to anyone who is serious about losing lots of weight crazy fast.

Allison R.


My experience with Ideal You has been nothing been outstanding! Dr Geri and the staff has treated me with the utmost respect! Dr Geri was always there for me when I had and questions or concerns. I have become a much more confident and more importantly healthy person! Down almost 60lbs!! I recommend this to everyone!

Heather R.


Went in with an open mind. It always seems too good to be true that just following a plan and I could lose so much weight. The first few days were tough but once I got by that it was so easy. The pounds just fell off every day. Ended up losing a total of 44 lbs after the final phase of the program.

Mike C.


Ideal You changed my life. I started the  program in February of 2017, now I’m November of 2017 I am down over 60 pounds. This program gave me the confidence I have been longing for since I was a teenager. I enjoy my life and family events for the first time ever. I am happier, my kids are happier, my marriage is stronger and all around life is better!

Holly J.


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